Reset the nerves, shake off the rust, Refocus the skills & come out fighting

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Come out fighting

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The point of the "Ring Rust" series is we can use the location. But creatively evolve the theme. You may never know what's coming other than it will be Cool.

Take the opportunity

LIMITED PLACES !!! The Days have been designed to give maximum education, maximum fun and maximum shoot opportunity.
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Some benefits of this course

Small Group

Allows us to give thought to social distance and keeping everyone safe. Whilst not compromising the shoot fun

Skills we will cover

1) See how we plan a shoot for smooth success 
2) Learn how to mix flash with ambient light
3) See how mixing coloured light can dramatically enhance the feel and mood of an image
4) Learn to use a meter with multiple lighting units in myriad of setups
5) Learn to use the location and props to create narrative rich, hard hitting and visually interesting images
6) See how correct lens selection can dramatically enhance image impact - distraught for effect.
7) Look at posing, a vehicle to enhance your visual message and draw the viewer into the frame

Shoot your own portfolio images

Why not take the opportunity to shoot your own portfolio images.
Damian will be on hand to guide you and answer any technical questions you may have
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Damian McGillicuddy

Chief instructor 
With over 34 years in the industry, from opening my first 'General Practice' studio in Widnes to becoming an international celebrity and fashion photographer, I have seen, done and shot just about everything in the world of photography.As a youngster I watched the Olympus TV commercials featuring the legendary David Bailey and proudly told my mum, 'One day that'll be me!' Sure enough, in 2013 I was named Mr. Bailey's successor as Olympus UK's Principal Photographer. 
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