Great pictures with JUST On Camera Flash

Learn how you can mimic studio quality imagery with just your on camera flash and a bit of ingenuity.
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Amazing On Camera Flash

Often the next piece of kit bought after a camera body and lens is the flash unit. But too often it gets put in your camera bag and gathers dust as we build an irrational fear of supplemental lighting. Let me show you how you can use this little "portable sunshine" to achieve images that mimic studio quality shots and go live with me on a shoot.
In this course you will learn:

  • The different types of flash and their functions
  • How to use your surroundings to bounce light for better results
  • How to create the basic lighting patterns with just your on camera flash
  • How to use reflectors and angles for better quality of light and to take your photography to the next level
  • The limitations of on camera flash and how to overcome them
  • How to use your on camera flash to mimic studio quality photography
  • How to get maximum results with minimal effort
  • See the lessons used in a live shoot with the results shown live, no smoke or mirrors just top quality advice.

Damian McGillicuddy

Chief Instructor
With over 34 years in the industry, from opening my first 'General Practice' studio in Widnes to becoming an international celebrity and fashion photographer, I have seen, done and shot just about everything in the world of photography.
As a youngster I watched the Olympus TV commercials featuring the legendary David Bailey and proudly told my mum, 'One day that'll be me!' Sure enough, in 2013 I was named Mr. Bailey's successor as Olympus UK's Principal Photographer.
My clients include some of the biggest companies and brands in the world, such as John Lewis, L'Oreal and Aston Martin. My work is collected by celebrities, musicians and entrepreneurs and I have photographed everyone from Rock Stars and Actors to Politicians and Prime Ministers.
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