Lighting Skills

The Lego Block Lighting System

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What you are going to learn

Learn to build your lighting setup from the ground up, one light at a time

Struggling to set up multiple lights and get the effect you want first time every time?  I'll show you step by step how my process makes "complex" easy and guarantees you the lighting result you want.
With my Lego Building Block Lighting System I'll help you:

  • Understanding the benefit of starting every lighting set up with a plan
  • Understand the roles of "key", "fill", "hair", "accent" and "background" lights so you can use them as you see fit in your work 
  • See the effect that each light has on the overall image 
  • Discover the huge benefit of following a process for building your lighting set ups
  • Gain clarity in your use of light making what was once complex straight forward
  • Save time and frustration in achieving your own great setups by following the power of the "Lego block" process.

Damian McGillicuddy

Lead Instructor
With over 34 yeas in the industry, from opening my first 'General Practice' studio in Widnes to becoming an international celebrity and fashion photographer, I have seen, done and shot just about everything in the world of photography. As a youngster I watched the Olympus TV commercials featuring the legendary David Bailey and proudly told my mum, 'One day that'll be me!' Sure enough, in 2013 I was named Mr. Bailey's successor as Olympus UK's Principal Photographer. My clients include some of the biggest companies and brands in the world, such as John Lewis, L'Oreal and Aston Martin. My work is collected by celebrities, musicians and entrepreneurs and I have photographed everyone from Rock Stars and Actors to Politicians and Prime Ministers.
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