How was it done.

The Nun Part 3  

The final image in the Nun trilogy.  Watch this narrative rich image be built one light at a time, with full explanation, as if you were in the camera room with me.
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Be a fly on the camera room wall and watch as I go from concept to capture, one light at a time, building the image and the narrative as I go.

The best way to learn advanced image making is to see how we take a design brief, build the set and then add one light after another to build the narrative and the overall feel and effect of the image.  The nuns heart has turned dark and we need to marry pose and light quality to tell our storey properly, manipulating the four properties of light is the key to telling our tail.
  • Learn how to take an image from concept right the way through to completed capture
  • See how I marry modifier to effect to give me the necessary control.
  • Learn how I use zonal control of lighting to get real effect.
  • See just why I love a strip box, especially if it is fitted with a grid.
  • See the importance of both "Hair" and "Accent" lights in carving out the subject from the background.
  • Witness how it is just as important what you don't light as opposed to where you let light fall.
  • Learn the four properties of light.
  • Learn the importance of compressing perspective.
  • See how mixing brightness, colour, contrast and direction of light are the keys to a powerful image.
  • See how we add depth by "layering up" our image.
  • See how we light to tell a 3D lie in a 2D medium.
  • Plus many more, tips, tricks and insights learn over my 34 year career.

Damian McGillicuddy

Lead Instructor
With over 34 years in the industry, from opening my first 'General Practice' studio in Widnes to becoming an international celebrity and fashion photographer, I have seen, done and shot just about everything in the world of photography.As a youngster I watched the Olympus TV commercials featuring the legendary David Bailey and proudly told my mum, 'One day that'll be me!' Sure enough, in 2013 I was named Mr. Bailey's successor as Olympus UK's Principal Photographer.My clients include some of the biggest companies and brands in the world, such as John Lewis, L'Oreal and Aston Martin. My work is collected by celebrities, musicians and entrepreneurs and I have photographed everyone from Rock Stars and Actors to Politicians and Prime Ministers.
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